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We Need Prayer Requests!

We are called to help one another, and one way we can help one another is through prayer. Keeping our problems and our needs for prayer to ourselves limits the ability for people who can help, to help. The world and everyone in it needs prayer. In some ways it may be obvious and in some ways it may not be.

We would like to encourage you to share prayer needs for yourself or someone that you know so that together we can be united in prayer for a need for prayer that you or someone you know has. What you choose to share is up to you and will be seen and prayed for by our prayer teams, and our entire organization as well as people from all around the world that visit the website to share and receive prayer and to find and pray for the prayer needs of others.
Anyone can see these prayer requests, so it is up to you to share what you are comfortable sharing. Click Here to Request Prayer

Do you pray for people anywhere?
Yes, we’ll pray for you wherever you are.
Accepting Prayer Requests 24/7/365

Why do you pray for people?
We all need all the prayer we can get.
Accepting Prayer Requests 24/7/365

Our Appetites

Please pray for those who have difficulties eating moderately, and are suffering from some degree of obesity.

Those who live in Fear

Dear God to those who are living in fear, please bring peace and comfort and clarity and regained enthusiasm to do your will.

All Nationalities

Dear God please help people of all backgrounds come together in the spirit of love, for your glory.

Our Elders

Dear God please help our elders to remain youthful and realize they still have very important work to do in the lives around them.


Dear God please help everyone who has a deformity or physical impairment.

Ashley and Family

To bless my family with good health as well as our world! Also to bless my husband and I with good jobs so we can get back on our feet…

Dan’s Wife

Dan’s wife who is bedridden from Multiple Sclerosis

The Enslaved

Everyone Enslaved in one way or another from their freedom