Current Programs and Upcoming Events

Let God give you the true experience that you want and need to have in life!
Our Programs aim to restore an authentic Christian witness through unity
of love and prayer regardless of institutional affiliation.

Be there, and be ready for God!

Don't wait for God to make the first move, he already did, by creating you!
Just do it, get out there and be present for the Lord to do great things in you!

Prayer / Relief Teams

Join us locally at some of the places we
setup for prayer, music, & faith sharing.
Become a prayer team leader and set
a good example of prayer for others.

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Prayer request

For those who cannot join us locally there is
an online way to submit your prayer requests,
so that people from all over the world can see
and pray for whatever your prayer needs are.

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Bible Study

Bible study is great way to learn a deeper
understanding of Christ and his followers.

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Written Prayer

Find some well written prayers online,
that you can repeat on a daily basis!

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This is not a one man show!

Together we can all help to make the world a better place!
We could not do all that we do without all your support!

We encourage everyone to bring people together for God's glory.
If you are a performer for Christ please let us know, and join us.

We are all part of God's creation, and it is when we get together
as a family of Christ that we can create memories of a lifetime.

Some future fundraising events, dates and times are TBA

Prayer Retreats

Prayer Camps and Renewal Retreats

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Some Special Events

From time to time Special Events

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Music Performances

Calling out for Christian music performers

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Prayer Film Festival

Festival showcasing films about prayers

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Christian videos

Help us to create some short christian videos

More information to come soon

Expos and Seminars

Visit us at an upcoming Expo / Seminar

More information to come soon

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