Pray For Us, Pray With US -

Our Mission

The mission of We Need Prayer is to foster an authentic
interdenominational Christian Prayer community of followers of Jesus Christ
who offer intercession for prayer needs in our community and around the world.

The Importance of our mission

The purpose of our mission is important because it will connect people
inside and outside of church institutions and events to God through prayer
which will repair the family tree of Christ by healing negative feelings
between denominations / institutions and thus bring together
and strengthen the united body of Christ.

Prayer Intercession

Prayer unity will create more powerful prayer intercession,
develop and foster friendships and partnerships that may not have existed otherwise,
and give witness to interdenominational unity around the world as Jesus commanded.

Mission Statement:

Connecting People to God Through Prayer

Vision Statement:

United in Interdenominational Prayer around the World

501c3 Information:

Connecting People to God Through Prayer

Our Philosophies:

Infinite approach, Collective impact

We hope to see all the people around the world
united in prayer regardless of race or religion

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Mailing Address: 9211 Broadway Unit 17662 San Antonio, TX 78217
Phone: 90three - three54 - 49three2     Fax: +1 210 489 1449