Prayer / Relief Teams

We Need Prayer Ministry believes that we were all created with a God given purpose to find the good in
each other, united as brothers and sisters in Christ regardless of religious backgrounds, or social status,
to come together across lines to work toward a common goal of doing great things for the Glory of God!

We Need Prayer / Relief Teams setup at various locations to let the Holy Spirit speak to us and through us,
at somewhat planned times and locations from time to time when the weather is good or at least bearable.
What we do at these locations is sing, and pray, and become available to anyone who is in need of prayer.

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Good Reasons to be part of a Prayer / Relief Team:

  • Become a Prayer Team Leader
  • Strengthen the habit of prayer
  • Praying for people and causes
  • Strengthen Family Prayer life
  • Doing something meaningful
  • To make a difference in lives
  • To find new feeling of living
  • Join in Faith Sharing
  • Developing a new or continued relationship with God
  • To add good to the world through prayer and witness
  • Always be on the move to make disciples of Christ
  • To practice finding and seeing the good in others
  • Reminding people of the importance of prayer
  • To break down unnecessary religious barriers
  • Get out of the house and make new friends
  • Join in ways of putting prayer into action

What the day would kind of look like:

Meet at scheduled time and place with people attending pray and setup.
Leaders open in prayer, and try to sing and pray for about an hr or 2 hrs.
Enjoy being out in the world, available for guidance from the Holy Spirit.
Sing and pray for hot topics, and ongoing world and personal struggles.
Encounter random people who are interested in prayer, and fellowship.
Offer Prayer Cards, Frisbees, and Financial Aid when available.
If there is some way to put prayer into action, then do it.

Wanna be part of the We Need Prayer Ministry?

If you are interested in being a Prayer / Relief Team Leader in your area,
please send us a message in the form below, or email us to let us know.
We can send you information and resources to start up in your area.

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