Future Programs

We are planning on starting up some new programs we have had in mind as soon as we are able!
We cannot do everything by ourselves, and we must allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit,
united in prayer with God and those around us, to do great things that we cannot do by ourselves.

How do you plan where or what to do next?

It all starts with an open heart, and one step at a time to go
where God is calling us to go, and do what God is calling us to do.

Some programs we may have coming up:

Live Phone Prayer

Live 24/7 phone prayer operators

WeNeedPrayer Podcast

Prayer requests and Stories of Hope

CGFP prayer groups

In person and online prayer groups

Live Christian Audio Chat

Live Christian channel drop in audio

Religious Paintings

Public display religious works of art

Financial Aid

When able to, provide Financial Aid

Tennis program

Start a Tennis group in your area

Christian VR

Join a Virtual Reality Prayer Group

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