Current Operations

In this world when it really counts we may come up against the unexpected and
because someone's life is so important we need to be as prepared as possible to
help that person in the best way that we can by using the gifts God has given to
us to be fully present and available and able to do what God is calling us to do.

Like many other organizations, how well the organization does at fulfilling
its mission is dependent on the make up of all the parts of an organization
doing their part collectively to achieve their goals to fullfill their mission.

It takes a committed board, staff, and volunteers
in the office, and also on the ground level.

To give you an idea of what it takes to do what we are trying to do, its a good idea
to start off thinking about all the lives of the people that we are ministering to.
Keeping in mind the idea of serving those people on as large of a scale as possible,
and that as the mission / vision get bigger, so does work that needs to be done.

What do you think the Holy Spirit is telling you to do in life?
Why not pray about it? That is what we always do first!

General Leaders

General Leaders kinda deal with it all,
the good, the bad, the yes and the no

Research and Dev.

Research and development helps us to get
an idea of where to be and what to do

HQ Area Leaders

HQ Area Leaders have specific responsibilities,
and some have teams that work with them

Public Relations

Public Relations is building support with,
people in person or by correspondence

Program Leaders

Program Leaders are running our programs,
and working with people in the programs

Marketing / Fundraising

Marketing and Fundraising is responsible
for our Exposure and Financial Support

IT / Web / Media

IT / Web / Media keeps us up and running,
helping us to communicate with people online

Accounting / Finance

Accounting and Finance keeps us on track,
with spending, goverment, and payroll

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