We all Need help sometimes!

We live in a world that has beauty and goodness all around us that leads us to God our Heavenly Father.
But our world also has tears of pain and suffering, and unending misery, and is in need of some TLC!
We need to play a role in helping the helpless and those who are in despair and have no life direction.
We were not just meant to live and die and fade away, we have a purpose to love and help each other.
Sometimes it is in giving, sometimes it is in receiving. Both are equally important in that one cannot
be without the other. The receiver learns to give and the giver in return is given the gift of gratitude
and finding meaning and purpose in living. With the magnitude and complexity of knowing where
and how to give it becomes helpful in knowing existing needs where giving matters most.

Here are some ways you can help this Ministry:

We encourage you to follow us and join us in one of many ways in which you can
give and receive in being part of the We Need Prayer organization.

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